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Property that lies in the path of progress is your best bet for strong investment performance, according to location expert and Managing Director at Hotspotting, Terry Ryder.

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What’s causing the tightening in regional markets?

Rents in regional markets are growing faster than in capital cities and this could be due to several factors, according to the latest report from CoreLogic.

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Australian housing market continues growing into May, despite drop-off fears

The housing market in Australia has defied expectations and continued to grow in May, despite fears of a drop-off.

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Investors to bolster buying rush on the Sunshine Coast ​​​

Recent research by CoreLogic showed dwelling sales in February were 14.9 per cent higher than the same time last year, and 8.2 per cent above the five-year average for the region.

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Investing in the Path of Progress

Property that lies in the path of progress is your best bet for strong investment performance, according to location expert and Managing Director at Hotspotting, Terry Ryder. In an interview with Terry, who sits on the AllianceCorp Panel of Partners, we discussed what major factors everyday Aussies should consider when determining what and where to invest. 

Why Infrastructure Matters

Infrastructure projects, such as new roads and buildings, can have a dramatic and long-lasting impact on house prices. In a recent conversation with the Managing Director of SQM Research, Louis Christopher, we spoke about how the development of the Eastlink freeway saw the surrounding real estate soar in price.

Infrastructure improves residents’ quality of life. It can reduce commute times, drive employment and offer more options when it comes to health, fitness and education – to name a few benefits.

More than just driving demand – as infrastructure improves liveability – construction of hospitals, train stations and power lines are frequently an indicator in and of themselves. Plans to develop an area indicate forecast housing demand in the area and a thriving local economy. 

Furthermore, infrastructure projects create jobs. Frequently, those working on long-term projects will migrate to the area, driving demand for housing. 

Federal Budget’s Infrastructure Spend

The federal government has committed a record $110 billion towards transport infrastructure across Australia over the next decade. This forms part of the National Economic Recovery Plan in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

How to Evaluate the Infrastructure in Your Location

To determine if a location will benefit from infrastructure projects, you need to consider the long-term ramifications. Projects that boost employment in the short-term are not necessarily great investments. For example, in Western Australia, massive mining projects fueled an economic boom. Once completed, far fewer people were needed. The mining industry cut 46,000 full-time jobs between 2013 and 2015. 

Conversely, projects that deliver long-term rewards – such as a new road, which improves travel time and accessibility – are often a better determinant of areas set for growth. To understand what developments are planned, you can visit government websites. The reports on these sites are often hundreds of pages long and difficult to decipher. Trawling through these reports, for every location you are contemplating, is often immensely time-consuming. That is where partnering with a consultancy can save you hundreds of hours. A quality property investment consultancy selects properties based on hundreds of factors, including current and planned construction. 

If you need some help figuring out your next move, speak to a property investment expert. AllianceCorp has a dedicated Research and Acquisitions team with national reach, who have their finger on the market pulse.


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