We Are Qualified and Capable

When making a major life decision with significant financial implications, it’s vital you get your advice from people with relevant experience and credentials.

As you’ll see below, this is why our Property Wealth Planners have the qualifications and experience required to deliver strategic advice about property investment.

We are proud to say that AllianceCorp helps set industry standards when it comes to credibility and capabilities.

We are Highly Regulated

Unfortunately the property industry is not as highly regulated as it should be. This means people with:

  • No qualifications
  • No licenses
  • No actual investment experience

…can position themselves as experts. This is greatly concerning to us as we have witnessed first-hand how this lack of regulation has negatively impacted Australians. We have had clients come to us who have lost all their savings because of dealings with unscrupulous individuals. Please act with caution when selecting the investment professionals for you.

Credibility and Capabilities

AllianceCorp helps set industry standards around training and qualifications.

We have extensive 12 month training programs that ensure our Senior Property Wealth Planners:

  • Are Licensed Estate Agents
  • Are Licensed Mortgage Brokers
  • Have completed PIPA Qualifications (the highest property advisory qualification)
  • Are active property investors
  • Complete ongoing professional development in line with the QPIA accreditation

These qualifications and real-life experience enable our Property Wealth Planners to prepare tailored Property Wealth Plan strategies that you need to grow a successful property portfolio.


To ensure you are accessing proper professional advice, we have created a checklist that can help you determine if you are getting advice from the right people.


More About PIPA

PIPA’s property investment adviser accreditation course is a program that has been developed as an industry benchmark of knowledge and skills.

The Accreditation Program has been aligned with the Financial Services Reform (FSR) provisions of the Corporations Act and with ASIC Regulatory Guide 146 training requirements for regulated financial services.

Overseen and administered by the PIPA Board, who are all experienced practitioners, the course both prepares new advisers for the role they are to undertake and upgrades the knowledge of existing industry participants to ensure that they are operating within state and federal regulatory requirements.

We follow a Code of Ethics:

  • Due Diligence
  • Unbiased advice
  • Unlimited Support
  • Transparency
  • Client first

Due Diligence

We have an 80 point due diligence we conduct on all properties and locations, to ensure they will stand up over the test of time. Our dedicated Research and Acquisitions team uses a combination of industry experience, property fundamentals and data driven analytics to understand the key metrics of what makes a great investment, allowing us to outperform the market and deliver great results for our clients. We know there is no magical algorithm, calculator or friend at a barbecue who can guarantee the next best thing… We are experienced investors with access to tried and proven methods that consistently deliver results. 

We invest in all property types right across the nation

As we advocate for both established and off the plan properties in metro and regional areas across Australia, our clients feel comfortable knowing they will receive an investment strategy that is suited to their specific circumstances – without a hidden agenda.

Our plans stand alone

We don’t support the promotion of gifts, cash bonuses, rental guarantees or any other incentives to purchase an investment property. The investment property options we present are supported by your Property Wealth Plan.

We act with full transparency

We are independent and fully transparent with regards to our networks, partners and fees.

We do not make false claims

We do not exaggerate the performance of our strategies or services. Our results really speak for themselves: Our clients have made themselves available to take calls from any new clients considering our services, so you can receive feedback from people who have already taken the action necessary to set themselves up for financial success.

We are results driven

We are a performance based organisation, in which you can experience our service at no cost. This “try before you buy” model gives people confidence in our services before they move forward.

We provide genuine ongoing support

We offer unlimited support to our members so that they remain  guided all the way up to – and long after – property settlement. We stand by the strategies that we provide to our clients and understand the importance of long-term support.

Client first

We represent our clients’ best interests before that of our own business interests, for our clients’ sustainable property investment.